stretch mark relief oil

stretch mark relief oil

mumsie® stretch mark relief oil combines innovative ingredients such as organic avocado oil (in contrast to the potentially harmful mineral oil), jojoba seed oil and vanilla bean extract into an effective stretch mark relieving blend that rejuvenates skin cells, improves elasticity, encourages healing and protects against future skin damage. effective for scars, dry skin and aging skin. suitable for sensitive skin. to learn more, click here.

no parabens sulfates or pthalates
no dyes, TEA or phenoxyethanol
no mineral oil

100% natural
70% organic

manufactured in a 100% solar-powered facility in southern california

did you know?

mineral oil, as used in several similar products including the leading national brand, is a potentially harmful ingredient that may be contaminated with toxins. it tends to clog the pores and increase the risk of acne and blackheads. mumsie oil is formulated with organic avocado oil that contains highly moisturizing essential proteins, skin-healing and collagen-regenerating minerals and enzymes, and natural antioxidants such as vitamin A, D and E.

why you'll love mumsie®? it's...

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