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questions & answers

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1what makes mumsie® different from other brands?
mumsie goes far beyond your everyday skincare regimen in that we offer targeted solutions to women with clinically-proven results. in addition to simply nourishing the skins texture, mumsie products are designed specifically to rebuild, repair and strengthen the skins elasticity. not only do our products work to repair the skin’s current tone and texture but they also help to prevent future damage. all mumsie ingredients are 100% safe, organic, chemical free and handpicked deliberately for the unique needs and safety of pregnant women. with mumsie, moms are finally able to bounce back quicker than ever.
2can i trust all of the ingredients in mumsie products?
yes. all of our products are made without any synthetic chemicals, artificial fragrances or additives. you will never find any harmful or irritating chemicals, parabens, sulfates, pthlates, or dyes in our products as well. we are dedicated to using only the finest, most authentic ingredients because the integrity of what goes into our products is just as important as the results that come out of using them.
3can anyone use the mumsie maternal skin care line?
absolutely and we encourage it! our formulas are designed for all skin types but is also suitable for the most sensitive skin, pregnant and non-pregnant alike. we recommend mumsie to just about anybody that is looking for a reconstructive skin care routine with proven results.

blemish 101

1what causes a woman’s skin to break out during pregnancy?
during pregnancy the body is undergoing a series of uncontrollable hormone shifts making the skin extremely sensitive to all of these changes. as hormone levels elevate, oil production increases which can lead to major complexion issues. in some cases, increased oil production will bring out that magnificent “pregnancy glow” that we are sure you have heard so much about. but in more common cases increased oil production means one thing…acne. just know that you are not alone! about one third of women suffer from pregnancy-onset acne but good news is that it will usually subside after the first trimester.
2i suffer from acne, is it safe to continue using my acne medication while i am pregnant?
it depends. some acne medications have been proven safe to use during this time while some haven’t, and others, well we simply just don’t know! in order to eliminate any and all risks associated with acne medication, we decided to create a facial wash that doesn’t leave you thinking “what if?” our acne cleansing facial wash avoids all questionable acne medications so that you can expect beautiful skin while also enjoying peace of mind during pregnancy, motherhood and beyond.
3will mumsie acne cleansing facial wash bleach my linens?
no! we know how frustrating it is leaving blotchy marks all over your sheets and towels which is why we specifically formulated our acne cleansing facial wash without the culprit ingredient of this problem – benzoyl peroxide. at any concentration, benzoyl peroxide will without a doubt bleach fabric. rest assured, all of the ingredients in the mumsie acne cleansing facial wash have been dermatologist-tested and linen approved!

stretch mark 101

1what are stretch marks?
stretch marks are caused when the elastic fibers just under the surface of the skin tear resulting in small, depressed “tiger like” streaks to appear on the surface of the skin. about 90% of women will get them sometime during their third trimester of pregnancy usually appearing on the abdomen when the baby is growing and the belly is expanding. stretch marks are also common on the buttocks, thighs, hips or breasts as well.
2can stretch marks be prevented?
yes and no. while genetics have been seen to play a role in the tendency of some women to get stretch marks more than others, skin condition and skin care routines are equally important. with that being said, there is a lot that women can do to fight back and prevent the appearance of stretch marks. studies have shown that regular hydration and nourishment is the best preventative measure to be taken. while mumsie stretch mark relief oil and stretch mark relief cream can help to fuel collagen and build the skins elasticity and resiliency, studies have shown that drinking lots of water can also help prevent the appearance of stretch marks. we suggest doing both in tandem and voila – guaranteed results!
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