made by the sun

made by the sun

several mumsie® products are produced in our 100% solar-powered facility in southern california. drawing from over 200,000 watts of solar energy, our facility combines solar power, low-energy demand equipment and motion activated lighting to reduce our carbon footprint and the environmental effects from manufacturing mumsie.

did you know?

water is an essential component in several of the products that we produce. our facility uses the absolute finest, state-of-the-art water purification system that includes a 4-stage deionization system (to remove unwanted minerals), 8 ultraviolet lighting units (to eliminate bacteria) and 8 sub-micron (.25) filters (to remove any trace particles or remaining bacteria). the freshly-purified water circulates through our manufacturing and filling departments and then loops back to our purification system where it is filtered again (every 60 seconds until it is used).

why you'll love mumsie®? it's...

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